This is my first time smoking CBD Flower 🔥👌🏾

This is my first time smoking CBD Flower 🔥👌🏾

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Deffle gonna smoke some CBD, deffle deffle deffle gonna buy Super Silver Haze next time, but this time i deffle bought the crystal haze, and i deffle deffle hope it comes in the mail fast, so i can deffle deffle sit here and smoke in these deffle deffle coronatimes. Like i said, deffle deffle deffle gonna somke some deffle good CBD, you know what i mean? Deffle know what you mean, but im deffle deffle deffle sure that nobody understands what i deffle mean.

plans from woodprix are awesome!

I definitile want to know if it feels like you're high, because it is definitely noticiable the change in your behavioral pattern.... Definitely.

Thanks man its in a store near me now in jars wasnt going to buy some till i here reviews 👍

They want 225 for an oz of cbd? Lmao they smoking some real exotic shit over there😂😂😂😂😂rather go buy some gas gas with 225

This time I'll use WeedBorn CBD products :)

I would try taking a shot everytime he says definitely. But I would like to live another day.

Sorry cant stand cbd

I mix mine

Fair play , but does it calm as the thc ? I have huge mental problems , self harm , very suicadal , huge nerve issues , and smoking normal weed daily basis kinda tires me out , so looking for something same but without the high effect , is it good for me ?

I'm 12.

Can you pass a drug test?

He ashed the joint as many times as he said definitely

buy hemp papers, zig zags, raw, tops all suck

1ST time rolling by the looks of it, lol, soz but had too say it.................

OMG that definitely, subscribed!

I did not know about this 😮😮
I’m taking CBD oil and is helping me a lot to cope with my PTSD etc ... but I should give this a try !

Definitely x100 = high

What about the smell when it's burning? Does it have the "weed" stank?

CBD "Flower" my ASS!!! Dude, whatcha got there is a DAMN good looking marijuana bud!!!! If that bud contains absolutely no THC, I'll pull down my pants, then run down your street to your local Jail!!!

It’s burning kinda fast. It’s not burning as fast.

this just smoked to get even more sober

That’s dat bleached paper, no bueno papito

Love the flower i like how i can still get the mellow buzz back pain and anxiety riddance without getting stupid high its the body high without the head high

You said you’re definitely feeling this but through out the video I have no idea HOW you’re actually feeling which is really the point of a review :P So does it make you feel calmer, anxiety, stress, etc?

Just a heads up.. CBD is not legal in every state. Some states have banned it and others have a gray area about it's legality.


Definitely need to chilldown with the definitely my brother :)


Why yo joints look like bullets lol

“Kinda tastes like mids” lmao

What’s the music

Just curious. What's the song that starts playing at 3:13? It's pretty dope.

I bought some cbd at my local shop yesterday some haze. It was different high. Later on I was very tired and grumpy from it.

Most definitely

Who else is smoking CBD during this video and "definitely definitely" feeling it

that joint though

Just got some today. I hope it tastes as good as it smells. I been taking cbd for a while. But this is my first smokable

Lol 😂 nasty taste

Been wanting to try the high CBD flower thanks for posting.

Thanks for posting Im going to try smoking CBD for pain and PTSD. I have used CBD oil and didnt notice anything. I have tried Cannabis but dont enjoy the feeling of being stoned..(yeah I know!)

I definitely like this guy

When I first started smoking weed I jumped straight to sound. I took a little pull man I was so fucked up I was so scared. My wife was putting warter on my face though she was trying to drown me. After that I said fuck weed. I want to try CBD now it's been a while since I smoke I want to start back. Wish me luck on the CBD

your first time smoking then how you roll so good

zigzags r old school my friend get u sum raw cones

I been buying some 22% CBD Honolulu haze, that shit puts me to sleep at nigh, I love it

man u r so low dose, u should smoke atleast 2 roll man, i could smoke a ten but im here far away from it, smoke as much as possible, l;ucky guy

Side effect of cbd uncontrollable use of the word deflee

Look up synonyms for definitely.

He was speaking that blackanese in some of this. Definitely definitely

Docramenaries has great CBD options.

Picked up some wild hemp cigs with .3% thc and i smoke 2 on break and the rest of the day is chill until im off and get some gas 😂

Just checked out their website Bruh them motherfuckers charge an arm and leg. Stay away from them they are ripping you off. You can find online dealers that sell much cheaper with better quality then Miami rave.

Don’t buy I recently bought a gram and rolled that shit up and sparked it taste and smell just like weed but that’s all your getting 🤣🤣 this bullshit will not get you high or anything close to being high it was just a smoke able plant

With my experience i can tell you these buds works better with vaporizer, through smoking most of the cbd gets destroyed and u only inhale some % of it not the whole spectrum. I use fury 2 and it works great, much better when i tryed to smoke it, the effect is much stronger, u can feel the good taste of bud and u dont need to cough all the time.

So this is pretty much just the flower from industrial hemp?

I’m “defleee” gonna try it , 😭😭

I have a dry herb vaporizer, It's so much better to smoke the cbd marijuana in

You should smoke the CBD moon rocks from Plain Jane- I’ve heard it’s really good 👌

Hey man, My name is Ethan Rosenberg, I’m the owner of a startup company, Rosenberg CBD Provider, that collects and distributes the best hemp and cbd brands. If you’d be willing to try a terpene infused hemp joint for free product contact me at

Ever here of the placebo effect?

It gets you high.... first of all there are 100s of chemicals not just cbd and there isnt enough research to prove that in combination none of the chemicals are psychoactive. I literally feel like I smoked some regular weed.

The stuff I get is top shelf. Hawaiin haze.

I’m definitely going to try

Back in the 70's all I used was Zig Zag. It is the best you can get. Rice paper.

When the shirt matches the car seat

High as fuck hearing this dude 😅😅😅

Every review on CBD someone says I'm feeling it.. I don't understand what they mean nobody explains what feeling it is you said you feel no body high no head high but you said I'm feeling it.... feeling what! Relaxed....I mean breathing deeply can relax you. What did you feel man! I've been smoking thc going on 15 years daily. I have tried CBD. I've tried lifter strain and moonrock the highest CBD strain you can get and I'm not ever felt it. For maybe five mins I feel chill and motivated but it goes quickly.

Is it legal in Texas?

I want to try it. I’m so scared lol keep thinking is that weird spice stuff but now I see it’s different. Very informative

Skip to 3:20

Welp. That answered my question

your voice sounds like younger Drake


Deffli??? You tripping trippin lol

Can you fail a drug test off this ?

Excellent review, looked smooth smokin


I got a grower in Vermont that ships an ounce for $47, very nice nugs with crystals and hairs. It does contain THC but is still legal and ships with all the paperwork. It looks better than all of that, it does contain THC but in the level that makes it totally legal. Marijuana is legal here in Michigan but I prefer this because the buzz is perfectly mellow, Calming and relaxing. I smoked from the age of 12 to 24 years old quit overnight it started making me feel very depressed. I did not like the feeling anymore. This stuff has been great definitely worth checking out.

@1:35 “I’ve seen (doc-EHRRR-menderEEEs on this)” 😂😂😂

I THOUGHT CBD CANT GET YOU HIGH? Let’s say smoking some good hydro is a 10 on a scale and some shit Reggie is at like 5. Where would CBD fall on that scale of highness?

did anyone notised how many definietly word was used in theese video ? :D

Never thought I'd be on a cbd video
Thanks to my trash employer
Gona hit up my dispensary tomorrow see if they got some carts or edibles ...thinking about getting some gummys or pills or even bags of teas

i definetly came to the comments looking for this too !!!! hahahhaha


I’m 12

ahaa definitely bro

I just started smoking cbd flower and I don't know what it is but maybe I'm very high strung because I feel high. That same melting away of all worry comes over me just like thc. But like I said am I SO tense and anxious that a relaxed state makes me feel stoned? Its weird. But honestly its a revelation, its cheaper and I'm getting the desired effect. I'm still on my first batch the brand I bought is "Suver Haze" by Hemp Living. Yes, Suver. Anyway, I like it. ✌

It did give me a small nice high..the way you feel when it's coming down.. then again 1 hit of reggie makes me trip

What y’all talking about I’m smoking real good bud

Placebo is a powerful thing

Hawaiin Haze, Elecktra, The Wife, Boaz, Sour Tsunami and much more. Fresh and locally grown in TN. Check out the website and email us or call about what strain you're looking for.

If you're in the UK and want to buy CBD bud then visit

After 15 minutes though u just want another if it has no thc also cbd bud is alot harsher makes u cough and in general is not as nice

Any music suggestions anyone? I’m high af. Need a new playlist or something idk

That didn't look like a gram

they basically sellin mid

I love the taste, its an acquired taste.

Cbt get u high like weed