Trying CBD for the First Time

my first time trying CBD/CBD flower !

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smoking diet weed for the first time

I tried it but it didn't last long

“ dude I feel high “ lmfaoooo I order my pen and it’s coming today I’m so happy to try

Idk why i clicked on this video. This bitch is annoying as fuck

ur so fine i meet a chick that looked jus like u the other day n i pounded herr mad harddd jus cuz

“sweating my pp off” girllllllll nawhhhh 🤣🤣

OMG You are to freak in funny.

In my opinion your high was most likely the gar. Cause of the nicotine on it, u less it was a wrap. Or it had a high thc level.

I have a car joint.....for sure I'm gonna try it!

Katelyn, I recommend you try Bliss Remedy CBD! They have 9 flavors and all THC free!

Does cbd give you a head change like nicotine does? I’m curious I don’t want to smoke weed because it gives me really bad anxiety attacks so I smoke swishers because I like the head change but I don’t want to smoke them because it’s nasty nicotine so I want to try cbd but I’m nervous it’s going to give me the same anxiety weed gives me ): please help

You didn't get high dumbass the blunt paper got you light-headed

Where did u buy the one you're filming.

at the beginning i was thinking "alright she is gonna hit it one time" but as i clicked through the video i am thinking "jesus, does she ever stop" lmao

R u straight? I just found u and instantly fell in love with you.

I think your high was the nicotine in the blunt wrap.

You do know CBD doesn’t get you high right...

For anyone looking to try good cbd, Got to try cbd vape additive for ex. Crisp or medicated cbd vape additive these two get me so slapped . I haven’t wanted to smoke weed since I picked these up. Every other cbd has nothing on those two.

Do a video taking bong chops pleaseeeee!😂😍

"Oh my god I am high" hahahaha. I love it. I have never watched your channel but so glad I found it on my recommendation lol. "Sweating my pee pee off."

Dang girl!  I don't even like blondes...(WOW)

Bitch I just found you yesterday and I’m in fuckin love booooo. You’re hilarious and I’m binging all your videos

This was hilarious to watch definitely subscribing ☠️☠️☠️🤣🤘

I made it 3 minute in. I give up

head on over to and get some FREE FLOWER! ALWAYS FREE

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@10:07 like the girl from duce Bigelow with Tourette's

I would totally hang out with you omg. Also pure relief is really good.

you're not high

I subscribe when you called me chicken shit .🥰 ur beautiful



I think they tricked you 😂 They told you it was CBD, But really it was THC... And, The first thing I learnt in WEED SCHOOL is CBD DOESN'T GET YOU HIGHHHHH 😂😂🚭🔕🚫⛔🔞

So anyway this is probably the best CBD flower that I have ever tried absolutely amazing and you can save 15% on your first order just throwing it out there for those who can’t get legal weed this by far the best I’ve had so here you go

This bitch got nic’d out and stopped knowing how to act

Ordered some 9,0% cbd diesel buds. Will try to get som studies done and pausing thc for a while. Will come back with a review on it!

Thanks for this video! It helped me to get a more understanding on how it feels. Peace :)

Jesus Christ I gotta stop clicking thumbnails just cause I see a pretty face

You are a wee cuttie
Loved your video keep them coming

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She gets drunk on O'douls too!

Can you smoke a CBD flower joint and still pass a drug test cause I've been feeling stressed and depressed after a car accidentm

Lmfaooooo I fucking love you

I made my first animation skit and would love for everyone to give it a watch. Ty

I quit Thc about 4 months ago cause after couple years i started to get super paranoid and just lost feeling my body cant handle thc anymore, i do want the roll up and smoke type thing with a little calming effect will these .3% thc buds off these websites get me paranoid and shit can somebody explain the effect

You Look nice

Very good way to describe anyone's first time lmao I can definitely relate to this!

Most people think CBD doesn't work because they try 10mg of CBD in a water.
Full spectrum, unprocessed is the way to go.

8:07 ... not after you ate that taco bell lmfao

so cbd makes you body high ?

does smoking cbd smell like weed or how is it?

Wait what does it smell like

Have you smoked CBD flower since this video? I really enjoy smoking CBD no paranoia like THC..

Damn. I love you n ion know you

you are like the iJustine of weed. I love it.

I normally have problems with chronic stress and anxiety. However, I have been on a constant periodic cbd dose for the last 72 hours or so. I feel great and had a wonderful nights sleep last night. Having said all of that, im not high in the sense that I am unable to think clearly. I just feel good, my stress levels are pretty much non existent. Cbd is great for dealing with everday anxiety while maintaining a clear state of mind. I can function pretty well both at school as well as at work on cbd. Its definitely not the same as real weed though.

Where did u get the gummies from I need those

Where did you pick up the vape pen? I wanna try it!

🤣🤣 this video is to funny, im trying cbd flower today and seeing this got me motivated lol !

Yeah she tripping

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smoke afghan CBD 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

Should smoke some cbd then take a piss test after a couple weeks

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How old would you recommend to do the pen?

cbd never made me high 🤷🏽

She needs adderal she has full blown ADHD

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Where can I get the vape pen?? SOS!! I really wanna smoke the pen

Oh and cops will definitely take you to jail while they test the flower if they are feeling like being an asshole so be careful

Btw as a working professional I find CBD much better for the anxiety reducing effects without the high. I can’t function when I’m super stoned and cbd solves this issue for me. I hardly ever get high anymore and I love it.

That decaf marijuana

Why did you stop making these videos of smoking CBD

Are you single?

Esperimentar drogas espeligroso en los momentos difíciles o de tristeza puedes caer aun poso y pociblemente no puedas salir jsmas. MENTE SANA EN CURPO SANO😊😊😊😊😊

do u need a marijuana card to get cbd nubs?

Taco Bell is trash but she’s gorgeous haha

Getting high at 13 years old is the bestssssszss

You’re fucking hilarious ❤️

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I’m late! I need to try this CBD shit 😂

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Dang u hot, what strain were u smoking again? Lol

I have great Cbd bud at a low price

It’s safe and this one is Independent Third Party tested and verified. Always choose a safe one!

😂👀😂 Supreme steak chalupa with Doritos shell for crunchy taco with beans instead of beef 🤷🏻‍♂️

Low thc gang, where y’all at?


You’re sick can we chill

Why is it so hard for people to understand lol its still weed, maruijana, mary jane, dope, ganga whatever lol. This is just the same but below 0.3% thc. The plant itself is no different. They breed out the THC so that it has all the same medicinal effects but doesnt get you fucked up.

There’s probably thc in the weed though 😂😂 like ive never heard of just cbd weed. Is that even possible